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EPUB conversion

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Book cover design

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Human translation
Human translation surpasses automated "bots". Competent translators comprehend the grammar and syntax of a language, consider context for precise word choices, and are adept at recognizing slang, jargon, and idioms. Their utilization of emotional judgment and discretion results in translated content that feels more personal, meticulously crafted, and natural.

Online searches reveal that many editorial services charge up to $15 per translated page. For instance, a 100-page book could cost $1500! Given that most non-fiction books surpass 100 pages and fiction books typically contain 60 to 80 pages (Amazon mandates a minimum of 72 pages for printed books), our fee of approximately $1.5 per translated page for non-technical books becomes advantageous. In the case of a 100-page book, the cost would be $150, which can be conveniently split into two installments or phases.

Considering translation to Spanish or Portuguese?
This expands your reach, leading to increased revenue and book sales. Spanish, the primary language in 20 countries, boasts approximately 486 million native speakers, ranking it as the second most spoken language globally. Portuguese, with around 250 million speakers, offers further potential. I, Sílvio Guerrinha, the developer of this project, am a native Portuguese speaker from Portugal. With two decades of web design experience, I have self-published over 15 books in four languages, including Spanish.
My books are on Amazon, Kobo, Everand, Barnes & Noble and other platforms.

You have the option to choose either Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese. Distinctions exist not only in pronunciation but also in written style. However, following the 2009 Orthographic Agreement, European Portuguese now bears closer resemblance to Brazilian Portuguese. With a population exceeding 210 million inhabitants and a larger online audience, Brazil potentially influences the decision of many American websites to offer a translated version in Brazilian Portuguese.

An e-book constitutes a singular investment, perpetually yielding income. For instance, investing $40 in e-book conversion or $100 in translation guarantees sustained automatic revenue on platforms like Amazon. A book serves as a lifelong income source, offering enduring profits for the author, even after decades.

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EPUB conversion
Publishing your e-book on Amazon necessitates adherence to specific requirements, with accepted formats being KPF or EPUB (Mobi is no longer accepted). Each platform has its own distinct technical prerequisites. Utilizing free online converters may result in coding errors. To ensure acceptance on Amazon Kindle, your EPUB must adhere to specific technical criteria, including proper formatting, a clickable Table of Contents, a visible author name, and a cover within the Kindle application.
Free online e-book converters often yield subpar results, introducing numerous xhtml code errors and incorrect metadata, consequently risking failure in the validation check for the EPUB. For those aspiring to sell their e-books through platforms like Amazon or Smashwords, it is imperative to guarantee that the EPUB file incorporates a well-functioning and well-structured NCX file. The absence of this file will lead to rejection.

Engaging a professional is advisable, given that some charge upwards of $80 for converting a 100-page manuscript, with additional fees for scanned images, among other considerations.

Our charges, contingent on the manuscript's length, are reasonable. For manuscripts ranging from 100 to 140 pages, the EPUB conversion fee is approximately $40.

Free online EPUB converters can give you many errors:
Book cover design

The cover, the initial point of contact for the reader or buyer, creates the primary emotional impact. A meticulously crafted book cover serves as a visual embodiment of the enclosed content. Functioning as a potent tool, it encapsulates the story's essence, elicits emotions, and beckons potential readers to delve into the pages.
While some designers command elevated fees, ranging from $200 to $300, others resort to unauthorized images from Google, posing potential legal complications and risking Amazon's rejection due to image rights. Our fee for a cover design (front, spine, and back) prepared for high-definition printing is approximately $100, inclusive of unlimited revisions.
We exclusively employ images with legal usage rights. The cover file we generate adheres to the proper dimensions for Amazon printing, typically in A5 format (6x9 inches), with the title and text centered on the image while respecting bleed margins.

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We can promote your e-book on social media. I manage two Facebook groups for self-publishing and authors with more than 4,000 members each. Furthermore, I oversee an additional twenty-two groups, extending the potential readership to one million individuals.
Additionally, I maintain numerous websites and blogs. Employing my services, I generate a substantial volume of backlinks for your author page, blog, or book page.
You can also have your author page with photograph and links to your books (or personal website) in our dedicated authors section. This will enhance your visibility and attract more visitors to your profile. Your books can be also promoted in our books blog: Ebook Verse.

Furthermore, I offer the capability to create a dedicated author or book website.
Considering your multiple e-books, would you be interested in establishing your own independent online store without incurring monthly hosting charges? Explore my e-book shop for reference. Can I be of assistance? The only requirement is securing a domain name.

What specifications must my manuscript adhere to?
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