Book Covers
The cover is the initial point of contact for the reader or buyer, creating the first emotional impact. A well-crafted book cover visually represents the enclosed content, serving as a potent tool that encapsulates the story's essence, evokes emotions, and beckons potential readers to explore the pages within. While certain designers charge exorbitant fees, ranging from $200 to $300, others resort to unauthorized images from Google, potentially leading to legal issues or Amazon rejecting your book due to image rights.
Our fee for a comprehensive cover design (front, spine, and back) primed for HD printing is approximately $100, inclusive of unlimited revisions.

We exclusively employ images with legally obtained usage rights. The cover file we deliver adheres to the correct measurements for Amazon printing, typically in A5 format (6x9 inches), with the title and text centered on the image, while respecting bleed margins, among other specifications.

When designing a cover, meticulous attention is devoted to the choice of font style for the title. In genres like esoteric or science fiction, creative effects on the title are permissible, but it's imperative that the selected font ensures clear legibility, as Amazon may reject covers with challenging text readability.
Certain techniques, such as employing "glitch" or "blur" effects, face rejection on Amazon due to their adverse impact on text clarity.
Additionally, maintaining a minimum distance of 2 cm between the title, footer, and other textual components and the margin is essential to prevent potential cropping issues.
The spine demands centered text, while on the back, strategic spacing between margins and the ISBN barcode area is critical.

Evaluation extends to the thumbnail appearance of the cover, recognizing that a majority of users, whether on Amazon or other platforms, perceive books in this format.
Hence, it's pivotal for the title text to be prominent and easily legible in thumbnail view.
Adjusting the title size is a measure taken to enhance visibility as needed.
Given that around 90% of online users swiftly scan through numerous book options without delving into the titles on the page, the cover emerges as a pivotal factor.
A cover that stands out amidst a sea of options already secures half the success of capturing public interest.
Strategic color selection and distinctive design choices can be transformative in this perspective.

Explore examples of my printed books to witness vibrant colors and a glossy effect.
Please note that the color quality in these photos is contingent on my smartphone camera.

My Gig on Fourerr here.

I employ Photoshop for crafting 3D metallic text and other effects, as well as editing the PSD cover. Subsequently, in Adobe Fireworks, I meticulously prepare the print file (front, spine, and back), adhering to the requisite measurements for printing. Attention is given to selecting harmonious colors that complement each other, ensuring the title contrasts and prominently stands out against the background image.

Books that I helped publish and designed the covers for.

The spine's width is determined by factors such as the number of pages in the book and the chosen binding type.

I design covers for any book style (be it science fiction, romance, erotica, cooking, business, etc.)

You will be provided with two image files—one for the printed book cover and another exclusively for the e-book version, featuring only the front cover design.
Book Cover Design - Design de capa de livro

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