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Asamod ka

Asamod Ka is the author of 44 occult books, available on Amazon and various platforms. He is a sorcerer. 

Magical books and grimoires are available in four distinct languages, namely Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish. Themes encompass a diverse range of subjects, including but not limited to Egyptian magic, Sumerian magic, gypsy magic, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, Cuban Magic, and numerous others.The pseudonym represents the union between Asamod and Ka, which refers to the vital body or ethereal body in Egyptian, as self-publishing platforms necessitate a surname.Asamod is a variation of Asmodeus, but in Hebrew Asamod means "to destroy", and in Persian Azmonden means "to test" or "tempt". 

The true forerunner of the term is Aeshma-daeva, a demon from Persian mythology in Zoroastrianism, of rage and lust, but which was sometimes interpreted as "the shining angel"... 


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