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Aleena bot

Aleena Bot is a versatile author specializing in science fiction, erotic, gothic, and paranormal romance. Notable titles include "Hyperdimensional Interference," a sci-fi romance involving a young archaeologist and a Pleiadian woman, and "Tainted Fantasies," a collection of short erotic stories. 

"From Bullying to Possession" explores occult and paranormal themes with channeled messages from Santa Muerte, while "Digital Dreams" narrates a post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance between a man and an android named Ceridwen. Aleena also offers resources like "Sub Umbra- Shadow Work Workbook" and "Witching Hour Wisdom: Witch Diary," along with captivating narratives like "War Between Covens." 

Notably, she publishes in both Portuguese and English, showcasing her bilingual proficiency. 


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