Joana Lima

Joana Lima has authored three books covering confectionery, culinary arts, and cocktails. Available in both print and digital formats, these works are published in Portuguese and English. The titles include "Traditional Portuguese Cakes and Sweets," "Traditional Portuguese Dishes," and "Liqueurs and Cocktails of Portugal." 

 Joana's aim is to introduce the culinary and sweet delights of Portugal to readers in Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking nations, as well as to English-speaking audiences, particularly Americans. 


Michelle Starseed

Michelle Starseed is inherently a storyteller, crafting enthralling tales tailored for children. Ranging from captivating sci-fi adventures and enigmatic plots to heartwarming spiritual narratives, she relishes in transporting young minds on imaginative voyages. 

 To date, she has authored six books, available in both Portuguese and English, comprising a total of twelve titles. Noteworthy among them are "Words of Wonder: Poems to Inspire Young Minds," "Realms of Wonder: Enchanting Stories for Kids," "Funny Jokes for Kids," "Enchanting Tales for Young Minds," "Mind-Engaging Puzzles for Kids," and "Trace and Color Magic Moments." 

It's important to note that the stories and poems are original creations by the author, distinct from well-known folk tales. Furthermore, these books feature exquisite imagery and are printed in premium color quality, enhancing the reading experience for children. 


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Silvio Guerrinha

Sílvio Guerrinha, a native of Portugal, has authored 30 titles in four languages. He serves as the author and webmaster for various projects, such as: , , , ,

 His diverse areas of expertise encompass Spiritism, Umbanda, Shamanism, Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Ufology, Law of Attraction, Gnosis, Cosmopaganism, Synchromisticism, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology, occult symbology, Alchemy, Tarology, Poetry, and Quantum Physics. 


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Aleena bot

Aleena Bot is a versatile author specializing in science fiction, erotic, gothic, and paranormal romance. Notable titles include "Hyperdimensional Interference," a sci-fi romance involving a young archaeologist and a Pleiadian woman, and "Tainted Fantasies," a collection of short erotic stories. 

"From Bullying to Possession" explores occult and paranormal themes with channeled messages from Santa Muerte, while "Digital Dreams" narrates a post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance between a man and an android named Ceridwen. Aleena also offers resources like "Sub Umbra- Shadow Work Workbook" and "Witching Hour Wisdom: Witch Diary," along with captivating narratives like "War Between Covens." 

Notably, she publishes in both Portuguese and English, showcasing her bilingual proficiency. 


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Asamod ka

Asamod Ka is the author of 44 occult books, available on Amazon and various platforms. He is a sorcerer. 

Magical books and grimoires are available in four distinct languages, namely Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish. Themes encompass a diverse range of subjects, including but not limited to Egyptian magic, Sumerian magic, gypsy magic, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, Cuban Magic, and numerous others.The pseudonym represents the union between Asamod and Ka, which refers to the vital body or ethereal body in Egyptian, as self-publishing platforms necessitate a surname.Asamod is a variation of Asmodeus, but in Hebrew Asamod means "to destroy", and in Persian Azmonden means "to test" or "tempt". 

The true forerunner of the term is Aeshma-daeva, a demon from Persian mythology in Zoroastrianism, of rage and lust, but which was sometimes interpreted as "the shining angel"... 


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