I am Sílvio Guerrinha, the individual driving this initiative. Hailing from Portugal, I am proficient in four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. With two decades of experience in web design, my journey began with self-directed learning, utilizing tools like Netscape Composer and later transitioning to Adobe Dreamweaver. Subsequently, I pursued formal training in Portugal, notably at institutions like "Pax Forma" in 2004 and "Sines Tecnopolo" in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and design.
Since going independent, I have parlayed my experience into a flourishing freelance practice.

I currently manage 12 domains registered with GoDaddy, along with various projects and 8 operational websites. Additionally, I maintain 12 blogs and engage with multiple social networks. Notable among my websites are:

I possess expertise in Photoshop, specializing in book cover and logo design, as well as translation services in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and vice versa. In 2004, I published my inaugural book in Portugal through a traditional publisher. Since then, I transitioned to self-publishing and currently sustain myself through writing. I have authored approximately 15 books available on Amazon in four languages. When considering translated versions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, the total exceeds 40 books.

I distribute my books across various platforms, opting for a non-exclusive arrangement, and receive a 70% royalty commission.
I publish on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble, Everand, Apple books, Fnac, and others. Through D2digital, which is an aggregator company. I engage with numerous publishers and extend my reach to hundreds of countries. A portion of my book sales revenue is reinvested in marketing and translations into additional languages.

My Amazon author page. My author page at Good Reads.

In Portugal, I served as an announcer and DJ at "Radio Sines" in my city for seven years, spanning from 1999 to 2006. Presently, I contribute written pieces to a monthly esoteric magazine, "Boa Estrela," (Great Star), with a circulation of 25,000 copies per month.

Whether you're embarking on your initial literary venture or are a seasoned author, collaborating with me ensures: genuine respect for your creative vision; a discerning evaluation of your work by an experienced editorial perspective; and precise, actionable feedback to steer your subsequent revisions.